Punto Banco – The Popular Baccarat Variation

Punto Banco is one of the most beloved casino games, boasting an easy and low house edge. Players place wagers on either player or banker and a tie bet.

Winning at baccarat can often come down to sheer luck; however, there are certain strategies you can employ to increase your odds of victory. Read on to discover more about this game!


Baccarat is a game of chance where players bet on which hand will prevail (player, banker or tie). Although its rules are straightforward, baccarat requires skillful execution to succeed; there are various strategies which can help increase your odds of victory.

Played on an oval table and featuring up to 12 players at once, a maximum of 12 bets may be placed at any one time and players cannot reverse their decisions once made. Aces are valued at one point while cards 2-9 carry their face value; and tens, queens, and kings count for zero points.

Winning banker bets pay even money less a 5% house commission, meaning winning can result in returns of up to 0.9:1. However, as is always important when playing casino games it is essential that your bankroll remains under control.


Punto Banco baccarat is one of the most beloved variations, following similar rules as other forms. Played on an oval table involving a croupier and up to twelve players at any one time, players may place bets on either player, banker, or tie as they strive for a hand closest to 9. Cards are valued according to suit and number; Aces count for one point while cards two through nine each have face value while 10 counts as zero points.

When dealing cards from a shoe containing six or eight decks of shuffled cards, the cut card is drawn after every seventh card to prevent cheating and prevent cheaters from winning more than they bet minus any casino commissions or fees set by them.


Baccarat games available online and in land-based casinos may vary greatly, yet their core is simple to grasp. Bettors simply must decide between betting on either Player, Banker, or Tie side of the table.

Be advised that it is best to place all of your bets on either the Player or Banker hand as these have the highest odds of success. Tie bets have lower odds, so should only be placed occasionally.

Players and Banker bets offer some of the lowest house edges among casino table games, while tie bets have slightly higher payouts; though subject to a 5% commission. Overall, though, these payouts still outstrip those seen with single-zero roulette and similar to blackjack without any strategic consideration.


Payouts of this game follow predetermined rules; players who bet on Banco or Punto win money while those betting on Tie lose it. As the banker typically wins more often than players do, it would be prudent to prioritize placing bets on his hand as often as possible.

A typical game of baccarat takes place on an expansive casino table that can seat fourteen players, where a croupier and two dealers work to calculate taxes, collect bets and place bets before each round begins. Six or eight decks of cards may be used and they will be shuffled prior to play commencing.

The rules of Banco and Punto are straightforward. Each side receives two cards from the dealer and, depending on a series of rules, another may or may not need to be given out. When this occurs, any side whose value comes closest to nine wins.


Punto Banco is an enjoyable luck-based game and an ideal starting point for newcomers. However, there are some recommended strategies which may increase one’s odds of winning.

Before beginning their play, players should establish a bankroll. This amount represents how much will be bet each hand without exceeding it. To prevent losing money while gambling online, divide your budget by the number of hands desired and bet the equivalent per hand amount each time.

Punto Banco requires following one key tip when betting: banker bet. Doing this will provide the highest chance of a successful outcome, however be aware that doing this will result in a 5% deduction by the casino.

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