The Impact of Technology on Jackpot Game Design

At its heart, gaming is an outcome of technology: it creates living worlds, large and small, that whisk players to simulated realities and make it hard to tell fantasy from reality.

Customisable jackpots represent the ultimate cross-game gamification offering for an operator looking to stand out from the crowd, and maximise long-term player loyalty. If these rewards can be tailored to fit what players want; if they are affordable, attainable, powerful enough to create breathing space but also challenging enough to create healthy tension; and if they can be enjoyed within the constraints of players’ individual budgets, playing styles, risk aptitudes and timeframes, then what’s not to like? The catering to that heavenly slice of manna, in fact for that very moment, is where customised gaming really comes into its own. The boundaries to what is – or isn’t – possible are increasingly dictated by the wisdom of the crowd, and what the crowd now wants is diversity and freedom of choice. Why settle for playing the same thing over and over when you can play within your comfort zone, and on your own terms, while still sampling a taste of the range?


It is these symbols on the reels that give players the opportunity to win. Some classic or lucky symbols such as cherries and lucky sevens are common to all slot games, while others might be more unique depending on the storyline represented in the game and could even provide opportunities for bonus rounds and features.

Multiplier symbols are also common: these multiply any winline containing them, usually remaining as a single symbol yet expanding across multiple positions on the reels to boost win chances – Gonzo’s Quest uses these in combination with a number of other characteristics to offer a ‘rollercoaster’ feel.

Jackpots can also help operators differentiate themselves in an overcrowded iGaming market. In regulated markets, they are a fantastic way to ensure compliance with promotional rules, while also creating a sense of community and improving brand loyalty. However, they are also likely to cause harmful levels of take-up that lead to harm – for this reason alone we advocate careful monitoring of them.


Paylines are vertical lines on slots, where symbols go in a winning row, meaning they are the way you win. Choosing the right payline means you’ll have a better chance of hitting winning combinations, and can make gameplay better if you play a slot with a winning multiway or cluster pays, which is becoming more and more popular among iGaming players.

Classic paylines were only visible from the centre of each reel, while devs have since added multiple paylines per game, allowing you to win across many ways, and hence blow your jackpot out of the water.

Personalised jackpots will completely change the landscape for slot gaming as they provide a rewarding experience through an enjoyable and innovative gameplay experience tailored to player needs. The benefits are built on the notion of player centricity, whereby players’ loyalty to their preferred entertainment outlet is encouraged and established. This adds value for operators through increased retention, not to mention assisting them in standing out from their competitors in brand differentiation, at the same time as welcoming new audiences to their attractions while being fully compliant with regulatory frameworks.

Bonus rounds

With the advent of the microprocessor in the 1970s, computers could be incorporated into the slot machines. The mechanical reels were replaced by images on a screen, themes, animations and bonus games were added that couldn’t be done on a mechanical system, and the random number generator was the heart of the slot machine to guarantee that no one could manipulate the games or predict the outcome.

Bonus rounds can boost the fun of any slot and get triggered in several different ways. There can be simple, pick-and-click games, or so-called adventure slots with multiple levels and exponentially increasing rewards.

Bonus events are different across games but last for about a minute on average, and might either offer maximum free spins, or ask you to choose an option – sometimes the options are predefined, sometimes one of say 30 brings you a specific prize, and you get to choose which one you get!


RNGs are a big part of why online slot gambling game outcomes each spin are unbiased, independent and free from slight bias – in each spin, you are not being nudged ever so slightly into losing relative to winning. It is also why so many additional features and games are available that cannot be provided for with mechanical or even ‘electromechanical’ systems.

The huge sums available on progressive jackpots provide much of the pull of the slot machine. Players need to bet a certain amount of money before they can compete for the jackpot, and they can win sums that can change lives. This naturalistic, gamified setup with amazing graphics and good functionality is an enticing draw for the newbie.

Last year more than 7,000 casino games were released from game suppliers; brands are looking for unique ways to acquire and retain players; providing a gamified or a personalised experience might lead to higher acquisition and retention rates; however, there are markets where such techniques might be challenging; in those regulated markets, GAE fully mitigates any risks, as it is the perfect testing and certification laboratory for such operators.

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