The Fascinating History of Casino Card Games

Blackjack has long been one of the world’s favorite casino card games and its rise coincides with the development of cards that can be counted.

Professional counters gave rise to systems and rules to ensure fair play in blackjack, starting with Edward O Thorp’s seminal work Beat the Dealer published in 1962. The modern era of blackjack began that same year.


Card games have been around for more than 1300 years and remain a beloved pastime across multiple demographics and casinos alike.

The first cards were believed to have been developed during the 1100s; however, their resemblance with today’s playing cards is insignificant. Perhaps inspired by Chinese domino paper forms? Over time these early playing cards became more elaborate until reaching their present form by 1800s.

Blackjack’s creation can be traced back to France, who designed its iconic deck of cards that we still play today. The game quickly gained popularity throughout America during the 19th century where its name was changed from Vingt-et-un to blackjack.


The goal of the game is to capture cards from an arrangement of face up cards on the table. Players take turns placing one or more cards from their hand onto the table and may capture additional ones that match its value by making their own throwout. Captured cards are stored under their original player and scored at the end of every round.

Players can also win by building, which involves combining cards from their hand with table cards to form combinations that can only be captured with another of the same type. Building can give an additional two points.


Card games are extremely popular among casino players. Their appeal lies in the fact that, unlike many gambling games, card games require strategy and skill rather than luck alone; additionally, these games give players the chance to develop their abilities over time and increase profits.

Blackjack is one of the most beloved casino card games, yet its variations remain diverse. Early versions featured several unique elements compared to modern versions; such as only dealer being allowed to double up and differing betting strategies available.

Alongside traditional table games, many different card games can also be found online – these include video poker which combines elements of slot machines with card games to provide an enjoyable electronic device experience.


Different casino card games require various types of equipment for playing them, including cards, dice, tables and other gaming equipment. Furthermore, each game boasts unique variations to keep it modern and relevant.

Casino card games can be enjoyed by one or multiple players. Most often these table-based card games involve casino staff and include craps, blackjack and poker.

A standard deck of playing cards contains 52 cards divided into four suits – hearts, diamonds, spades and clubs. Prior to their introduction by Thomas de la Rue & Company lithographic designs on their backs made it more difficult for cheaters and card sharks to mark them and cheaters could no longer use cheater marks against these designs to mark cards as markers of cheaters or card sharks.


As gambling has transitioned from back alleys and unrecognized saloons to legal casinos, card games have changed considerably. While a wide array of casino card games is now available to players, blackjack and poker remain two of the most beloved options.

Casino players win when they secure more points than their opponents, and at game’s end each one counts their won cards and any sweeps scored.

After this step is completed, the last player adds to their total all of the untaken table cards still in play, adding them all up until now. If any player reaches 21 or more points then they win the game; point totals can vary depending on which type of card game and its rules it was played under; so it is vital that all rules for each game be read thoroughly beforehand.

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